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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a dog trainer?

The best advice we can give is to hire a dog trainer ​when you feel like you need help. Whether it’s a consultation to help prepare you to bring your puppy or rescue home or a one-on-one session to get a handle on a dog that pulls on a leash, a trainer that listens to you and hears your concerns is never a bad idea. 

How old should my puppy to start group classes?

Procyon Training recommends the dog be at least 12 weeks old before starting group classes. Puppy classes should be based in Positive Reinforcement and should be offered by a certified trainer that stays current with the most up to date research in dog training.

What is the cost of a group class?

A  six week group class is 150.00 and is taught by a nationally certified dog trainer. Each week, students receive an email that give step-by-step directions for each skill covered so that pet parent doesn’t have to worry about trying to take notes, practice skills, and watch their dog. ​

What if I want to title in AKC sports?

At the completion of the Advanced and Rally Obedience Class, the handler team will be ready to compete in AKC Obedience and Rally Obedience Trials. At the completion of the Tricks Class, students will be able to earn their AKC Trick Titles or the Do More With Your Dog Trick Titles. 

When would a Private Session be more beneficial than a Group Class?

Dogs that are shy or reactive​ may not do well in a group class. For those dogs, a few private one-on-one sessions help the pet parent learn how to help their dog navigate their environment in a way that builds their confidence. 

How much do Private Sessions cost? Do you offer packages?

Private Session are $75/hour. We do offer 4 Pack and 6 Pack Packages. 

Is it OK to send my dog to you for training?

Yes, of course. But we know that sending your dog away for training can be scary and isn’t always the right answer. And while we alway encourage the pet parents to train their dogs, sometimes a little more focused help is what is needed. To help our pet parents in these situations, we offer different Board and Train Options. 

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