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Humane Society of Marion County

Ocala, FL

We have the extreme privilege of working with the Humane Society of Marion County. The staff tells us what dogs they think are most in need of focused training. After we evaluate the dog, we create a training plan or a behavioral modification plan.  

Working with Robin

In this video, I work with Robin and her kennel door manners. Remember, from the dog’s perspective, the walk begins as soon as you approach the kennel.

The goal of today’s session is for me to be able to approach the kennel, touch the latch, and open the kennel door without Robin jumping on me or the kennel door.

In this training session, I only use the word “yes.” I do not ask her to “Sit” when I come to her kennel because that reinforces she become excited until I tell her to “sit” but by then, she’s already got some frenetic energy attached to the walking ritual.

Working with Falcor

Falcor is a deaf dog at HSMC. 

There are some important things to know about Falcor. First: he jumps because that is the most consistent way he has found to get attention. If he jumps on you, turn your head away from him but do not turn your whole body. He is relying on you to give him information but he can’t hear you. When you turn completely away from him he will only try harder to get your attention. As you will see in the video, Falcor is a smart dog who liked to train. This is about 3 minutes of our 2nd 10 min training session.

Also, training begins as soon as he sees you approach the kennel. If his feet are on the kennel, wait for him to put them back on the floor. When he does, signal “yes” and give him a treat. After a few repetitions, throw some of his treats into the back corner of the kennel, so you can enter quickly and he doesn’t practice jumping on you as you come in.