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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 

Private One-on-One Training Sessions 

Click here if you’d like to schedule a consult with one of our trainers.

Private Training Questionnaire

In Home Training Sessions

Sometimes a busy schedule or a Reactive Dog makes participating in a group class almost impossible.  

Procyon Training has a solution:

 One-on-One Training. 

One-on-One Training sessions often start in-home where a trainer works with the handler team on basic obedience cues:

 Engagement, Look, Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Take It,

 Give, Drop, and Loose Leash Walking. 

Once the dog demonstrates understanding and confidence, several training sessions are done outside of the home at pet friendly locations so the Team has the skills to go all the dog friendly places their heart desires successfully and with confidence.

In-home training can also be done for Trick Training, Parkour Training, Service Task Training, Nose work and Behavioral Issues, ex. Leash Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Food Aggression, Resource Guarding, etc.

Consultation - 50.00

Hourly Rate - 85.00

* Additional Mileage Fee may apply depending on distance traveled

Our Recent Work

Successful Leash Reactivity Training

Leash Reactivity is a common issue but it can be conquered.

“Wait” at Door

In this video, Quincy is learning that “Wait” means he can move, he just can’t go through the door. Even if his mom does.