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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 

Giving Back to the Community

Stephanie, Jessica, and the whole Procyon Team know that Procyon Training doesn’t exist without the community they serve. To say thanks, we offer our training services to local rescues at discounted rates and when possible, at no cost at all. 

Project Canine H.O.M.E. 

Project Canine H.O.M.E. Is a collaborative effort of the Humane Society of Marion County, Open Hands Animal Rescue, Marion County Animal Services, and Procyon Training. Each week, volunteers bring dogs from the three rescues to participate in an 8 week Basic Obedience Class. The class is taught by Stephanie Roberts, an accredited dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants. The dogs will learn basic obedience cues such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, and Place. 


Coty isn’t up for adoption yet. She’s super sweet and so far has gotten along with other dogs. The big focus is building her confidence so she’s ready to find her furever home!!!! Reach out to O.H.A.R. On facebook if you’d like to meet this sweet boy.​​​


Found as a stray, Luke is between 1 and 2 years old. He is a super sweet and very friendly boy. His foster reports that he is good with other dogs. He is learning his obedience well but still needs a lot of leash work. He is available for adoption through O.H.A.R. (Open Hands Animal Rescue).  Reach out to O.H.A.R. On facebook if you’d like to meet this sweet boy.​​​


Percy was found by a Good Samaritan in bad shape. He is a beagle cross and around 6 months old. He’s very sweet and vocal and he loves to play. He’s doing really well with all of his obedience skills. Reach out to O.H.A.R. On facebook if you’d like to meet this sweet boy. Reach out to O.H.A.R. On facebook if you’d like to meet this sweet boy.​​​


Amber is sweet and loving. She loves playing with toys. She’s good with other dogs and knows how to be calm in the crate. She is very energetic and has a lot of puppy energy. For more information on Amber, reach out to Marion County Animal Services.


Sparko is a high energy boy. While he is good in his kennel and listens well, his leash manners leave something to be desired. He loves treats and to run in the yard with a ball in his mouth.​ For more information on Sparko, reach out to Marion County Animal Services.


Lane was malnourished when he came to MCAS. He has always been sweet and calm in the kennel. He pulls on the leash and is a bit aloof when first meeting people. Once you get to know him, you’ll appreciate his goofy personality and his love of treats!!! For more information on Lane, reach out to Marion County Animal Services.


Maui is sweet and and easy going in the kennel. He does need to work on his leash manners and sitting politely for greeting. He likes a quick run around the yard and then to cuddle up with you on the couch. For more information on Maui, reach out to Marion County Animal Services.


Gamo is a super loving and sweet girl. She's also very loyal and likes to be the center of attention so it's recommended she be the only pet in a house without children since she tends to be a bit possessive. She would love to be your personal body guard and, above all, your best friend.


Burdock is the pinnacle of fun, sweet, and silly. He is a big old 60-pound goofball who loves to be on the go. At four years old, Burdock has been in the shelter for 276+ days. He was adopted and returned after roughhousing some chickens. Burdock will need a home with no cats, no more minor children, and no chickens. He will need a human willing to play and wear him out. He is a sweet, energetic boy who can’t wait to love his human unconditionally and hopefully play a few ball games.


“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s a Bird; It’s a plane” NO, it’s Knuckles. Knuckle is a 68-pound 2-year-old boy who has called the Humane Society of Marion County his home for 406 days. Knuckle is an absolute blast. He loves to be on the go. He was playing fetch and running around endlessly. Knuckles also has been gifted with the incredible ability to jump High, making 6ft fences just mere hurdles. Knuckles is good with other dogs. He is not good with cats or children due to his size and energy levels. Knuckles will need a home where an owner can take him out and exert his mounds of energy and allow him to wear himself out before being able to nap and recharge. He will need an owner who is strong and able to correct him and handle him effectively. Although you can’t spell “Knucklehead” with him, Knuckles is a fun, sweet, loving companion who deserves a chance at home life.


At the young age of 2 years, Rona is such a blast. She loves to zip and zoom, as most young dogs do. She was brought to us a little over a year ago due to her owners moving and not being able to take her. She was adopted once but returned after scaring the cat in the household. Rona doesn’t like other dogs, and children must be over 12 years old. Rona will need some work on a leash and supervision when outside as she can make easy work of a 6 ft fence. But once situated and loved, Rona will be a great addition to a household.