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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 

Basic Obedience Class

For most dogs (puppies included) group classes are the best way to meet build a strong, positive relationship between you and your dog. 

The Basic Class covers:

Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Take It, Give, Drop, 8 Games to Not Pull on Leash, No Jumping, No Biting, No Begging, No Snatching, 3 Life Saving Cues, and Engagement. 

Besides Obedience Training, Potty Training, Crate Training, Nuisance Barking, Nuisance Jumping, Biting, & other common 

"New Dog" / "New Puppy" Issues are addressed in class.

Classes are 6 Weeks for $140.00 and our taught by nationally and internationally accredited instructors.


Classes Offered

Procyon Training offers a full training program for students who want to continue to build a strong, positive, relationship with their dog after completing the Basic Obedience Program.

Our Classes Include:

Intermediate Obedience Class

Advanced Obedience Class

Tricks Class (with titling option)

Parkour Class (with title program)

Nose Work / Scent Work Class

Service Dog Task Class

Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC, CGC-A, CGC-U


In Home Training Sessions

Sometimes a busy schedule or a Reactive Dog makes participating in a group class almost impossible.  

Procyon Training has a solution:

 In-Home Training. 

During In-Home Training sessions, a trainer works with the handler team on basic obedience cues:

 Engagement, Look, Sit, Stay, Down,      Leave It, Take It,

 Give, Drop, and Loose Leash Walking. 

Once the dog demonstrates understanding and confidence, several training sessions are done outside of the home at pet friendly locations so the Team has the skills to go all the dog friendly places their heart desires successfully and with confidence.

In-home training can also be done for Trick Training, Parkour Training, Service Task Training, Nose work and Behavioral Issues.

Consultation - 40.00

Hourly Rate - 70.00

* Additional Mileage Fee may apply depending on distance traveled

Service Dog Packages


Basic Boarding Package plus.... 

* Continued practice of   obedience skills (Pass   a Canine Good Citizen)

* Pet friendly public   access trips 

* Begin potty on   command training

* Introduction to task   training 

Contact us for Program Cost


Includes everything in the basic boarding package plus....

* Mastery of obedience   skills (all skills under   stimulus control)

* Non pet friendly public access trips 

* Multi step task   training


Includes everything in the basic boarding package plus.... 

* Real time task   application training

* All day non pet   friendly trips.

* Extreme public   access (Disney,   Airports, Concerts) 

* Focused heel 

* Passing a Canine   Good Citizen Urban 

* Passing a Public   Access Test

Service Horse Packages


1 month Horse Boarding Package plus....

* Beginning to potty  training

* Halter   Breaking/Training

* Beginning to   Desensitization 

* Car etiquette introduction 

* Introduction indoors


per month


1 month Horse Boarding Package plus....

* Continued potty   training

* Continued car   etiquette

* Pet friendly public   access trips

* Introduction to task   training 

* Overnight indoor   training


per month


1 month Horse Boarding Package plus....

* Potty on command

* Multi step task     training

* Non pet friendly   public access trips

* Advanced car   etiquette 

* Extended day indoor   training


per month

Specialty Horse Packages


1 month Horse Boarding Package plus....

* Full time in home   living

* Real time task   application training

* All day non pet   friendly trips.

* Extreme public   access (Disney,   Airport, Concerts) 

* Passing a modified   CGC test

* Passing a modified 

 Public Access Test


per month


Horse Boarding Package plus....

* Both on property &   off property training

* Teaching the animal   how to be calm &   confident under   stresses

* Learning how to go   on, over, under, &   through difficult   scenarios

* Exposure to many   real world stressors   including sirens,   smoke, other animals,   "scary" objects, etc...


per week


Horse Boarding Package plus....

Clicker trained for up to 3 tricks at a time.

* Smile

* Wave

* Bow

* Lay Down

* Sit 

* ETC.....


per week

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