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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 

Procyon Training Offers 


Board & Train

Doggie Boot Camp (3 week min.)

Miniature Service Horse Board & Train Program


If you’re going away for a weekend or a two week vacation, Procyon Training offers  a safe place to board your furry family member.  Dogs that board with us get outside time in our yard. If they are comfortable with other dogs, they get several play sessions a day. If they’re a shyer or less social dog, they get one on one yard time and house time. 

Board & Train

The Board and Train option includes the Basic Boarding Service with an additional hour of training each day. These training sessions may be take place within 2 30 minute session, 4 15 minute sessions, or a combination depending on the age of the dog and what skills you’d like us to focus on.

Doggie Boot Camp

While group classes are the usually the most effective way for an owner and dog to bond and train together, sometimes life or circumstances doesn’t permit the owner to give the time needed to get their best friend off on the best start. Our Doggie Boot Camp is a possible solution. During the Doggie Boot Camp, Procyon Trainers use Positive Reinforcement Techniques to shape basic obedience cues. Once the dog finishes with us, the owners are encouraged to participate in a 6 week group class so they can learn everything their dog has learned during our stay. 

Miniature Service Horse Training

Our trainer, Jessica (owner and trainer of Honey the Mini Service Horse, offers a comprehensive Board and Train Program for Miniature Horses to prepare them for Service Work. The Board and Train program includes Potty Training, Hands-Free Lead Training, and Task Training.

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