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Procyon​ Traini​ng 

Dogs & Miniature Horses 


A La Carte Menu

These add on's can be added to any boarding or training packages. Feel free to pick however many you'd like & mix and match to your animals preferences. Also, if you do not see something listed here let us know. We are able to accommodate most requests to keep your animal happy & healthy.


30 min. training session.

Socialization (H & H)

30 min. extra inside private human socialization/attention.


20-30 min. Focused & controlled leashed exercise such as.

    * Walking

    * Biking 

    * Running

    * Treadmill

    * Frisbee

    * Spring Pole

     * Flirt Pole


20 min. indoor or outdoor play with other dog(s)/horses.

Full Grooming 

For smooth coated breeds.

Bath with Shampoo & Cond.

Brush with appropriate tool.

Dry using towel & forced air dryer.

Mani Pedi (nail care)

* Dogs will receive a nail cut followed by the dremmel. 

*  Horses will have their hooves balanced as needed


For Dogs it's another frozen Kong, Holee Roller, or Trachea.


For Horses it's a Nose it ball, a frozen Pony Pop, or a Holee Roller

Dog Boarding Packages


* Crate Space 

* Fresh Bedding

* Goodnight Cookie

* Daily Enrichment Toy

* Frozen Kong

* Trachea 

* Holee Roller

* House & Human private Socialization 

* Play with other dogs a minimum of 30 minutes at least twice per day inside & outside. 


Includes everything in the Basic Boarding Package plus....

* Grooming before leaving (day of)

* 20 min. brush out

* Bath with shampoo & conditioner 

* Blowout 

* Nail care 

* Daily 10 min. brush out using appropriate brushes

Shy Dog

Includes everything in the Basic Boarding Package plus.... 

* Private Room/Crate Space


* 1 hour private quiet house & people socialization 2-3 times per day depending on the dogs stress level.

* Added enrichment

* Private outdoor time. 

Miniature Horse Boarding

Basic Horse Boarding

* Stall space. Amount of time in stall depends on training requirements and needs of the animal.

* Horsey turn down

​            * Fresh bedding daily

            * Goodnight horse snax

* Enrichment Toy nose it (daily)


            * High quality Crypto Aero whole food horse feed

            * High quality 24/7 access to a variety of hay including

                        * Costal

                        * Timothy 

                        * Orchard 

                        * Alfalfa 

                        * Peanut

            * Filtered water

            * Food & Water bucket sanitized daily

            * Supplements of garlic & complete vitamin

* Free choice access to white salt (block & loose) & minerals (block & loose)

* High quality treats

            * Alfalfa pellets

            * Timothy pellets 

            * Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Bites

            * Stud muffins

            * Calf Manna bites

* Access to a 10 acre field for free time

* Natural fly spray applied as needed

* Blankets put on & taken off as needed 

* Fly mask put on & taken off as needed 

* Wormer given upon arrival, seasonally, & on departure


per day


per week


per month

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