Mini Horse Service Animal Training

Comprehensive Board and Train Program

What Our Board and Train Program Offers

Embark on a specialized training journey tailored for miniature horses with our comprehensive Board and Train Program. Led by Jessica, the trainer and owner of Honey the Mini Service Horse, we focus on preparing your mini horse for a fulfilling life as a service animal. Our program is designed to cover essential training areas crucial for service work detailed in the list below.

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Jessica Wellman and Mini Service Horse, Honey, on Fox News Orlando

Why Our Mini Horse Training Stands Out

A personal Touch

In a world where training methods are plenty and choices abound, our Mini Horse Service Animal Training Program distinguishes itself with a blend of expertise, dedication, and personal touch. Jessica's firsthand experience with Honey, the Mini Service Horse, isn't just a testament to her capabilities; it's a heartfelt story that adds depth to her training approach. By choosing our program, you're not just signing up for routine lessons; you're enrolling in a comprehensive journey that takes into account the unique qualities and potential of miniature horses. From understanding their specific needs to tailoring task training that empowers them as genuine service animals, our program encapsulates a holistic approach. With us, your mini horse will receive the care, attention, and training it deserves, ensuring it transitions seamlessly into the role of a reliable service companion.

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  • Tod & Jamie

    Relaxed Pug Owners

    Our male Pug was struggling with anxiety after multiple moves. Just a few lessons with Stephanie and he was much calmer and well behaved. Our neighbors still comment on how great he is doing. We can’t thank Stephanie enough for all her help!!

  • Mary B

    Happy Rotty Mom

    Stephanie is a wonderful trainer for our pup! She trains with us weekly and boards our girl when we go on vacation! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our Elle!

  • Pam P

    Happy Puppy Mom

    Stephanie is an excellent trainer, very professional and hands on. We have a miniature pincher puppy and was in desperate need of help. She met with us on a consultation session and gave us great advice on how to proceed and things we needed to do immediately. We then booked four sessions with her and Deiter has made remarkable progress. We plan on continuing to meet with her and further his training. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is need of dog training.

  • Yvonne P

    Australian Cattle Dog Mom

    Stephanie is one of the best dog trainers I have ever worked with. My dog, Guinness, is a 3 year old Australian cattle dog who endured significant abuse in her first year of life that left her not only terrified of men but completely lacking in any confidence when outside her home. As a result she’s incredibly defensive and often responds aggressively. Stephanie made the long drive up to work with her and showed so much kindness, patience, and understanding that really made an impact on myself and Guinness. Stephanie recommended many techniques as our homework and already I’ve seen a big change in how Guinness interacts with the world around her and I truly look forward to our next session.

  • Ally M

    Rescue Pup Mom

    Wouldn’t trust our pup with anyone else. We did a board and train with Procyon for our rescue dog while we were away and have had two follow up in home training sessions. Jess and Stephanie are the best with our dog and with our dog’s people. They gave us games to play with him and showed us how to walk him to eliminate pulling. Theo is able to be calm and relaxed in our home now. They taught him that the world isn’t so scary and being a dog can be fun! Looking forward to our continued learning to help our scaredy dog live his best life.

  • Cody C

    Crazy Boxer's Servant

    I recently completed the Level 1 training class with my Boxer puppy at Procyon Training. The transformation in his basic obedience skills was outstanding! He eagerly anticipated every class, and the positive environment kept him engaged. We’ve now transitioned to the tricks class, and he’s mastering the tricks at an impressive pace. Highly recommend Procyon Training for any pet parent looking to enrich their dog’s learning experience!

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